Who Wants To Watch Hot Men Dress, Totally Undress, And Re-Dress?

dressing_manI do, I do!

Via boyculture comes a short little film from Chandelier Creative for Commonwealth Utilities, a British clothing company. The short, about three minutes long, is called “MEN WE LOVE Fall 09,” The blurb reads, “This voyeuristic journey showcases the transformation of everyday men to ‘Commonwealth Utilities’ gentlemen.'”

And all I gotta say is that it’s, thankfully, nice and heavy on the voyeurism which means we get to watch three men wake up, get undressed, check out their meaty asses, and then get dressed again. It’s all kind of sexy. Folks, it’s real close to heaven.

And you gotta watch it.

Untitled from The Malcolm on Vimeo.

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