[VIDEO] Matt Barber And Andrea Lafferty: ENDA Will Force Our Disabled Amputee Veterans To Get Sexually Molested!

Whoa, oh, whoa. Not since New Hampshire state Rep. Nancy Elliott talked about gay men wiggling their penises in excrement has the anti-LGBT crazy brigade had a moment like this.

The Freedom Federation’s “Awakening,” taking place April 15-16 at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, is supposed to renew the spirit of the American people with talks by anti-LGBT Tony Perkins and infamous VA AG Ken Cuccinelli, among others. One of the talks, titled “The LGBT Agenda,” features anti-LGBTers Rena Lindevaldsen and Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel and Andrea Lafferty of the Traditional Values Coalition.

And when these guys get together, it is some serious sex-craziness. During the talk, Lafferty claims that ENDA will let our disabled veterans get molested by people with amputee fetishes. Let me say that again: Andrea Lafferty said that ENDA will force soldiers who have had their limbs blown off their bodies to be sexually abused by amputee fetishists, and there’s nothing we will be able to do so stop that molestation.


Right Wing Watch has video of the talk, as well as a transcript. And as Lafferty warns of anarchic amputee fetishists taking over America, Matt Barber uses that topic as a segue to chat about the horrors of homosexuality. Yes, watch the video above (turn your volume up) and then read the transcript below:

Lafferty: What are those “isms” and “philias”? You can be aroused by stumps of amputees. And we brought that up during the hate crimes thing because what if you have an employee working at the VA and someone has just come back from Iraq and they have this orientation. You can’t fire them. What about the family that’s upset that they’ve been aroused by their family member? It’s disgusting. And it’s tragic for the victim.

Um, men that want to rub their bodies up and down women. That’s on the list, that might become a protected class.

Fecal matter. Their involvement with fecal matter. Or urine. Transvestism. The list goes on, I’m not naming all of them. Children. Animals. And so we really need to draw a line in the sand.

Barber: Let me just dovetail off that, just for a moment, something that recently occurred to me. If I asked everyone in the room, if I say “what is the opposite heterosexuality?” what pops into your head?

For most people, it’s homosexuality.That’s by design. That myth has been created. The opposite of heterosexuality is not homosexuality. The opposite of heterosexuality is asexuality, is no sexuality.

Heterosexuality is normative – they can be politically correct all they want, but it is biologically correct. Homosexuality is one among a litany, as Andrea was just talking about, of sexual deviances. It is a deviation from the norm, that’s why you call it “deviant sexual behavior.” It’s not a pejorative. We’re not saying “you’re a deviant.” We’re saying “your sexual behavior is deviant.”

So homosexuality is not the opposite of heterosexuality. It is one of many deviations of natural sexuality, one of many aberrant, unnatural deviations from natural sexuality. Andrea was going through the list of some of them and it shocks the conscience to hear a lot of this, a lot of people don’t even want to imagine the mechanics involved in homosexual conduct, must less strive, as Andrea, myself, Rena, and others do to defend against the wholesale promotion of that same conduct.

Fecal matter made an appearance! We knew that was coming, but, let’s face it, combining ENDA with amputee fetishists to show how America’s troops are being threatened by homosexuality requires a level of genius that is rare indeed.

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4 Responses to “[VIDEO] Matt Barber And Andrea Lafferty: ENDA Will Force Our Disabled Amputee Veterans To Get Sexually Molested!”

  1. Mort
    April 16, 2010 at 8:48 pm #

    Imagine the mechanics involved in homosexual conduct!?!

  2. nate
    April 18, 2010 at 9:28 pm #

    I don’t even know what to say this level of, well, ignorance and stupidity.


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