VIDEO: Gay Prison Rape, Described By Its Perpetrators

Via Bossip comes this harrowing video of sexual assault inside prison and the culture that surrounds it, described this way by its makers:

The harsh reality of prison rape is examined in this shocking and sobering documentary from filmmaker Jonathan Schwartz. Inside Alabama’s Limestone Correctional Facility, five inmates talk candidly about sexual abuse as a part of life on the inside. The long-term causes and conditions that perpetuate prison rape are examined, as well as the use of sex as a commodity, for comfort and for protection from the feared and brutal prison culture.

It is graphic. And if any one ever had a prison rape fantasy, this should get rid of it in a hurry.

Watch. (Audio is NSFW.)

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One Response to “VIDEO: Gay Prison Rape, Described By Its Perpetrators”

  1. Robert
    February 25, 2012 at 12:51 am #

    This is so wrong,those who committed,rape in prison etc should be executed.the law is a piece of fucking garbage he should sue the state for a billion fucking dollars.what are the officers them doing,they are not doing their job and the boss for the prison,they should be executed because they are criminals too.the government is fuck up,even the law i feel sorry for this young man.CRIMINALS should be executed depends on the crime.instead of paying tax for them.shame on the boss of the prison and the officers them.this is a disgrace to the badge,on the and from god

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