Twitter, LiveBlogging — Follow The Prop 8 Trial, Live

Although most of us can’t yet watch the Prop 8 trial, we can keep still most definitely keep up with what’s going on, as it happens.

Below is a live feed of #Prop8, which includes the people and agencies live at the trial, like @TheAdvocateMag, @jennifervanasco, and @FedcourtJunkie, @ilona, @AmerEqualRights, @ACLU_NorCal, and @CourageCampaign.

Rick Jacobs of the Courage Campaign is liveblogging the trial on Prop 8 Trial Tracker. It’s an amazing way to “watch” what’s going on. Also liveblogging are Mercury News and Firedoglake. I’ll update with more as I come across them.

Below is the #Prop8 Twitter Feed:

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