THIS IS NOT A PARODY: OneMillionMoms Issues Terrified Warning – “Lady Gaga To Appear On Glee!”

In a story that is straight out of parody-land, One Million Moms — an anti-gay “project” of the super-anti-gay AFA — has issued this warning: “WARNING: Lady Gaga to appear in ‘GLEE.‘”

And when I say straight out of parody-land, I mean it. Just last January, the geniuses over at Christwire featured a brilliant piece called “What Every Parent Should Know About The TV Show ‘Glee.‘” In it, they offered this:

Glee goes out of its way to appear wholesome at first glance. The first 15 minutes of every episode is quite polite and that’s part of its success. Yet beyond that (once the adults in the room tune out), it descends into a much darker place.

As I write about Glee now in 2010, I can’t help but think that America is on the threshold of another dramatic cultural shift. If our children continue to watch, they will undoubtedly be influenced by its radical same-sex messages. A generation from now, when these children become adults, what kind of country will the United States be? How many middle-aged men will find themselves in a dead-end Glee-based lifestyle?

. . . How long until these types also legislate to destroy the beauty of marriage, the safety of religion, the rights of the righteous?

And this is from the absolutely amazing warning issued by OMM:

There is singing and dancing in FOX’s hit television program “GLEE,” but this is no “High School Musical.” Not that we approve of either, but “GLEE” is far from a family-friendly program in comparison. Sadly, this program was recently awarded the SAG Award and won the 2010 Golden Globe for “Best Television Series.”

This show is full of graphic sexual themes involving high school students, casual drug use and teens who lie and manipulate to get what they want. And to be politically correct, they also had a homosexual student “come out” last season.

Do you want to know what I think happened? I think the OMMs got a hold of the Christwire piece, thought it was real, and then stole from it! Lifted paragraphs directly from it! You know they did.

I love the world!

Oh, OMM’s warning about Lady Gaga:

Cameos usually highlight a role-model, but sacrilegious Lady Gaga is far from someone you would want your child to look up to. Her music video, “Bad Romance,” she has crosses on caskets of vampire-like characters who wake up and come out to dance with her, lap dances, sparks that fly out of her bra, and she grabs her crotch while in bed with a skeleton.

Her back-up dancers consist of men and women, but all appear to be women by cross-dressing. An interview concerning her personal relationships she told one reporter that “she prefers men because they have something that she doesn’t, but she was open to a same-sex relationship.”

OMM will monitor this program’s advertisers closely and report back to you when the series resumes next week.

I love the world even more!

And, in case you hadn’t heard, the episode where Gaga cameos looks to be all kinds of fun with the cast tackling “Poker Face” and “Bad Romance” and paying homage to the Gaga by dressing up in her various costume incarnations.

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