Tennis’ Hot Bryan Twins Are Very, Very Close

bryan_brothersFar be it from me to understand the twin bond. I’m not a twin, so, right? With that caveat out of the way, can I just say that the extensive profile of tennis’ inseparable Bryan brothers in the NYT Magazine is kinda . . . hot?

The Bryan Brothers — comprised of Mike and Bob Bryan — are 31-year-old identical twins who have been at the top of tennis’ doubles world for years. Mike is 6’3″ and 190 lbs. Bob is an inch shorter and ten pounds lighter . . . and this is where the dirtiness starts because, well, what else is different?

And the dirty thoughts don’t stop there entirely because the twins seem incredibly, remarkably, close, sharing two houses, a car, and a bank account, occasionally a bed.

And it’s not just me with dirty twin thoughts. The writer of the NYT piece noted the twins’ . . . unusual closeness.

Some choice bits from NYT Magazine:

Bob and Mike, can recall only three times in their lives when they spent as long as a week apart. Each separation went badly and involved a lot of talking by phone . . . “I ran up $2,000 on the phone talking to Bob so he could tell me what to work on,” Mike says.

. . . When they were little, their mother would come to wake them to find that one had crawled into bed with the other overnight.

. . . A month into their first term at Stanford, where they were assigned to different dorms, Bob dragged a mattress onto the floor of Mike’s room and slept there for the rest of the year.

. . . Living every moment together probably has its costs, the brothers acknowledged. “The twin thing has kind of gotten in the way in the past with girlfriends, and we’re aware of it,” Bob said.

. . . “Someday we’ll both get married, and we should have our own houses,” he said. “That doesn’t mean I’m looking forward to it.” The house next door in Camarillo is for sale, and there was some talk about buying it to create a compound. “That would be weird,” he said. “So weird,” his girlfriend turned to say.

31-year-old twin brothers who share everything? Twin brothers whose closeness affects their relationships with their girlfriends? But, hey, whatever works for you.

Know what this reminds me of? This. And this.

Read the full NYT Magazine article here.

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