Study: Very Short, Very Tall Men More Likely To Be Gay

OKCupid, the online dating site that loves us gays as much as the straights, yesterday published some data that indicate that men at the extremes of the height spectrum are more likely to be gay.

Using its own considerable data information (In this case, 1.5 million male users with 10.1% of them describing themselves as gay or bisexual and 90% of all men on OkCupid between 5′ 5″ and 6′ 3″, etc.) OKCupid plotted height against homosexuality and came up with the following results:

OKCupid writes, “This effect is most pronounced with especially short men. A guy in the 5th percentile by height (shorter than 5′ 5″) is 70% more likely to be gay or bi than a man of average height (5′ 10″). We have no idea why this is.”

OKCupid couldn’t find any medical studies on this, and neither could I. The people at OKCupid acknowledge that their data is far from complete in offering an explanation. Still, it’s notable.

This data makes me think a bit about studies that (purport to?) show that IQs among men are more extreme than among women, who tend to have more stable and higher average IQs.

h/t @queerunity

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