Seton Hall’s Gay Debate Proves Catholic Church’s Ignorance

Whether one practices or not, most people expect the Catholic Church to be a beacon of integrity and righteous wisdom. Most people can agree, too, that the Vatican and its satellites have failed miserably, in more ways than one. As the abuse scandal continues to rage, Catholic leaders continue a moral crusade that does them no favors.

Newark Archbishop John J. Myers has made it his mission to stop a new gay marriage class being taught at Catholic-based Seton Hall University. “This proposed course seeks to promote as legitimate a train of thought that is contrary to what the Church teaches,” said Myers, who is also on the school’s board. “As a result, the course is not in sync with Catholic teaching.” The school insists, however, that the class will examine the debate from both sides. “The initial review at the departmental level and at the dean’s level suggests that the course is not an advocacy course, but a ‘special topics’ course to objectively examine a significant current public policy issue,” explained the University’s vice provost, Larry Robinson. Myers should really learn something from this situation.

A Catholic school in Colorado recently made waves after kicking out two students whose mothers are lesbians. That and this Seton Hall situation paint the Church as not a force for progress. These scenarios prove how hard Catholic leaders work to maintain an archaic worldview.

Speaking about the ongoing investigation into yet another sex abuse scandal, Vatican spokesman Rev. Federico Lombardi, insisted, “secrecy and reserve, even in their positive aspects, are not values cultivated in today’s culture. We have to be able to have nothing to hide.” The Church should also realize that it must change other aspects of its culture. It is now about 2000 years old. Old things that don’t adopt new practices, particularly when it comes to educating their youth tend not to stay on top for too long.

If the church doesn’t begin to reexamine its approach on gay marriage, even the simple academic debate, is will, without a doubt, lose even more moral ground than it has already, and then there’s no way it can reclaim its symbolism as a force for good.

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