Ryan Reynolds to Billy Bush: More About My Nude Scene? OK . . .

ryanreynoldsnakedbillybush1A few weeks ago, I posted that video clip where Ryan Reynolds’ tells Betty White to go suck some dick. The clip was more of a commercial for Reynolds’ new movie The Proposal (the one with Sandra Bullock) than anything else. I posted the clip/commercial because I deeply love Ryan Reynolds and I love hearing him talk about naked male body parts.

Apparently, so does Billy Bush. Because, in an Access Hollywood interview with Reynolds, Bush spoke lovingly and at length of Reynolds’ nude scene in The Proposal. But Bush didn’t just talk about it, he spoke sensually about Ryan’s nude scene, his body, his abs, his nude scene, how warm the room was, Ryan’s body, his nude scene, his lower abs, his nude scene . . . honestly, it went on like that for minutes! Even while Ryan tried to squirm around the questions.

It got to the point where I started thinking, “Whoa there, Billy! Slow down! Yes, Ryan is hot, but let’s try to control ourselves, shall we? He’s sitting right in front of you . . . .” Billy Bush really was getting all hot and bothered by Ryan Reynolds.

Can’t say that I blame him . . . .

Watch Billy drool over Ryan’s nekkidness.

[media id=36 width=510 height=400]

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One Response to “Ryan Reynolds to Billy Bush: More About My Nude Scene? OK . . .”

  1. Hombre
    March 20, 2012 at 12:13 am #


    Please stop teasing Billy with your Canadian flawless body!

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