Politics Roundup

The Republican Party is breaking apart

Time columnist Joe Klein without a seat on the McCain or Palin planes the past four months. Maureen Dowd got banned, too! “I had had a great relationship with John McCain for 16 years, through columns he liked and didn’t like. So at first I thought it was a mistake and doublechecked with the press office.”

Trying to assess theThe Power of Powell’s Rebuke. “Colin Powell demonstrated his eponymous ‘Powell Doctrine’ of overwhelming force on Sunday when he endorsed Barack Obama on Meet the Press. The one-time chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff systematically marshaled his assets to neutralize the Republican endgame strategy, which is to suffuse the air around Obama with a vague mist of terrorism, socialism and ‘otherness.'”

Jon Stewart’s Jason Jones interviews the current mayor of Wasilla

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