Politics Happy Hour: Obama The Ice Skater, What DID Happen To “Yes We Can,” DADT HRC Blog Swarm

Gay charity to help British men convicted of homosexuality

White supremacist militia members threaten gay blogger Gossip Boy

New Mexico’s domestic partnerships done for 2010, but will be back, supporters say

Eugene Robinson: Dick Cheney’s dose of reality on ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’.

Straight and gay blogs joined the DADT blog swarm today that asked readers to call the HRC and demand a repeal of DADT this year. The HRC issued a tepid statement. (Sorry I’m just posting about this now — I spent quite some time pulling together a post about it this morning, but somewhere between the time I published it and the time it was supposed to post online it sort of got . . . eaten by the internet.)

VIDEO: What Happened to “Yes We Can?” – The Advocate’s Kerry Eleveld’s terrific look at what the HRC is really doing. Larry Kramer, Joe Solmonese, and others interviewed. A must watch. (I’d embed it, but the player isn’t embeddable.) This video will help you understand the frustration with the HRC that launched today’s DADT blog swarm.

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