Politics: Bishop Robinson’s Invocation

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This is a video of Bishop Gene Robinson’s brilliant invocation given to launch the Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial. There is a controversy here, but not the expected kind. HBO, the cable network with the broadcasting rights for the ceremony, did not air the invocation, apparently at the request of the Presidential Inauguration Committee. The blogs are on fire right now with talk of this slight.

After Elton reports:

Openly gay bishop Gene Robinson delivered the opening prayer before the start of the concert, but the prayer was not included as part of HBO’s broadcast.

Contacted Sunday night by AfterElton.com concerning the exclusion of Robinson’s prayer, HBO said via email, “The producer of the concert has said that the Presidential Inaugural Committee made the decision to keep the invocation as part of the pre-show.”

Uncertain as to whether or not that meant that HBO was contractually prevented from airing the pre-show, we followed up, but none of the spokespeople available Sunday night could answer that question with absolute certainty.

However, it does seem that the network’s position is that they had nothing to do with the decision.

Joe.My.God (No Bishop Gene Robinson on HBO) and Americablog (HBO censors gay bishop during inaugural invocation at national mall today) are reporting similar stories.

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