Ooooh, Maggie Gallagher Steps Down As NOM’s President

Maggie Gallagher, in a blog entry that waxes and wanes between nostalgia and thinly-veiled bitterness, just announced that she has stepped down as president of the National Organization for Marriage, the barely-legal enterprise she lovingly brought into being with nothing more than her breath, her religion, and a hope that one day gays and lesbians everywhere would lead separate-but-equal lives.

I have some very good news to announce for you today: NOM has a new president.

Today, the board of NOM announced that we are promoting Brian Brown, who you all know as NOM’s capable and charismatic executive director, to the position of President of NOM.

Wow, he’s “capable?” Beyond his exceeding averageness, Mags goes on to write that, while the idea for NOM started as hers (“NOM began as an idea of mine”), Brown is very much deserving of the promotion because he moved his family at least three times around the country in order to chase down marriage equality wherever it reared its equality-like head. Mags goes on to explain how proud she is of Brown for his remarkable ability to foment hatred and violence against gay and lesbian people, noting, “Brian has not only ‘overseen’ — he has instigated and created (under God) NOM’s incredible growth in less than three years: from one donor to 35,000, from no activists to over 500,000, from zero public profile to the recent public acknowledgment by the Washington Post that NOM has emerged as the ‘pre-eminent national organization fighting the legalization of same-sex marriage.'”

Maggie does not, as one would expect, laud Brown’s notable ability to take over anti-LGBT organizations and turn them into quasi-legal fundraising machines, skillfully guided with one eye on the gays and the other on the Rapture.

Maggie does mention that her future plans include haunting the halls of the organization she used to lead, writing the anti-gay how-to book Debating Same-sex Marriage, and fighting to maintain relevance.

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  1. Jim Twist
    April 20, 2010 at 3:01 pm #

    Wonderfully written!!!


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