NOM’s Maggie Gallagher Launches 2M4M!

Via Good As You comes my favorite news of the day.

Okay, is anti-gay Maggie Gallagher really a pro-gay fag-hag in disguise? Is she a brilliant political strategist who has been, in fact, working undercover for gay rights? Because all I know is that NOM’s most recent press release, the one that launched “The Gathering Storm,” says this:

NOM Launches Nationwide “Two Million for Marriage” Initiative!

APRIL 8, 2009 — In just a few minutes, NOM President Maggie Gallagher and I will hold a press conference in Trenton, NJ, announcing an ambitious new nationwide “2 Million for Marriage” (2M4M) initiative.

2M4M! That Maggie is crazy . . . crazy like a gay-lovin’ fox! See you on Craigslist, Maggie!

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