Making Love With Brent Everett

Left to right -- Steve Pena, Brent Everett, and Reggie Cameron (photo Jim Gravely)

Every week, new AKA William correspondent Reggie Cameron will cover gay celebrities, chic events, smutty boys, and anything and everything else that comes his way in L.A.

I’m going to be honest with you, when I first started this column my plan was to talk to gays and lesbians who are hot but stupid and expose their idiocy. This of course make me an asshole . . . and then some.

Case in point, porn starlet Brent Everett and his husband Steve Pena. They are both gorgeous and ooze sex from their pores so my assumption is they must have a combined IQ in the low double digits. Wrong. So wrong. I discovered that they’re not only fascinating individuals, but an ideal pair. What I came to realize is that coupledom in the sex industry requires more openness and trust than what I’d imagine your typical marriage can endure . . . and yes, I’m a dick.

So, change of plans. From now on I’m going to introduce you to people that I love and things that excite me because, frankly, the Internet has enough bitchy queens, right?

Now, let’s get started. In my new interview with him, Brent Everett, the new face of who is also one of the new Fleshjack boys, talks about being married, being naturally shy, and the idea of having sex with his hot brother.

Reggie Cameron
So you two don’t just work together, you’re a couple.

Brent Everett
We’re murried. [laughs] Two years ago this October third.

Steve Pena
In California and in Canada.

How did you two meet?

At the Abbey.

[rolls eyes]

I know, everyone meets at the Abbey. I flew my best friend down from Canada for his 21st birthday to party it up in LA. I noticed Stephen early on in the night.

We caught each others eyes . . . smiled and flirted. And then kind of kept checking each other all night. Finally at last call I Said, “let’s get a shot” and we ended up leaving together and talking all night.

We didn’t have sex for 3 weeks.

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5 Responses to “Making Love With Brent Everett”

  1. chironex20
    June 23, 2010 at 8:55 pm #

    yeah, real exemplars for committed relationships… one guy who is essentially a whore (tell me how else to describe sex for cash), and his husband who gladly pimps his ass out to the highest bidder…

    pride indeed…

  2. Reggie Cameron
    November 11, 2010 at 4:22 pm #

    @chironex20 relationships are what you make of them. these two have a healthy relationship and it’s defined by the two guys participating in it. i wouldn’t tell you who or how to love.. and you probably shouldn’t go around telling others how to do the same. that’s how we end up with anita bryants in the world.

  3. First my thanks to Reggie via facebook for giving me this link!
    For years I have been a huge ( yes size is relevant! ) fan of Brent.
    Two years back I had over 2500 porn titles – so I know my porn – and much of it ‘sucks!’ – however without hesitation Brent is one of my all time faves – right up there with some of the Bel Ami boys – many who I have met when they visit London.
    Not only is this sex god stunning but also has a terrific personality – he obviously loves working in this cut throat – deep throat industry, and had no idea until today that he is quite a talented artist.
    When I watch Brent perform wow he just takes man2mancumsex to another level – always with super hot guys. Also you can always see right through guys that are just ‘going through the motions’ for the bucks – but not Brent.
    He is so creative on screen, and I love the OMG reactions from porn stars he works with – also being versatile is such a bonus.
    Just had a sleepless night all thanks to Brent! – the wonders of google!
    Have loads of your movies, magazines, framed pictures adorning my walls, which included in my opinion the all time best cum shot – I even have fridge magnets!
    In 2010 at the London Hustlaball I virtually begged Chi Chi La Rue to bring you over for a future ball. It would be a dream ‘cum’ true if you guys ever visit!
    Thank-you for giving me hours of blissful pleasure!


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