In The Sims 3, Gay Marriage Is Easy

sims3-gay-marriageI’m not a big video game guy. I mean, I’m a perfect candidate for being a total gamer, but, as with comic books, it just never fully happened for me. Up to now, my video game love has been restricted to posting about male nudity I come across in games (like here and here.

But gaming did happen for After Elton’s Kyle Masaki, and in a less dirty way than it did for me. Masaki recently tested the new version of The Sims — The Sims 3. And he found that it was easier to get married there than in California:

I wanted to find out if gay couples had taken another step forward and now had the ability to get married like any other couple … and after a week of game time, I was able to get a male couple to plan a wedding party and tie the knot.

Maybe we should get Obama to play . . . .

Check out some pics of the video game gayness.

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