Hundreds Rally In Protest Of Police Raid of Atlanta Eagle

atlanta_ eagle_raidLast week saw the raid by police of yet another gay bar, this one the Atlanta Eagle in Atlanta.

The police forced 60 patrons to the floor and arrested eight people working there on charges ranging from operating a business without a license to dancing without a permit. The “operating without a license” charge is strange because the co-owner, Richard Ramey, just signed a new lease.

In protest of the treatment by the police, hundreds rallied. Ramey spoke at the rally:

. . . Atlanta Eagle co-owner Richard Ramey says the raid was reminiscent of 1960s police harassment of gays and lesbians.

Once they searched everyone, found no weapons or drugs, they said Well, I guess we’ll have to go to the IDs next.‘ So they brought a laptop to see if they had any warrants or unpaid traffic tickets. They were fishing, they were looking.”

Formal complaints against the Atlanta Police Department are expected to be filed today.

Ramey spoke at the rally. And, you know, as awful as this is, it’s equally heartening that the LGBT response has been equally swift.

Watch Ramey speak at the rally.

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