God Hates Fags, Tags, Flags . . . Sporks, Too

Well, Megan Phelps-Roper, one of the younger, more technically-minded of the Westboro Baptist Church members and brilliant intrepreter of Lady Gaga, made good on her promise to protest Twitter. Well, not so much protest as encourage the new technology to be used in the service of God and the Westboro Church.

And while the Westboro-ers protested with their usual signs “Got Hates Fags” and “Bitch Burger” and the like, they were counterprotested by a group of, well, counterprotesters carrying their very own signs.

And, another more energetic and foul-mouthed counterprotester stomped about and, as the self-proclaimed first Asian member of the Westboro Church, warned of the homosexual plot to take over the moon: “There’s a reason why the moon never shows its backside — because if it ever did it would get fucked in the ass by homosexuals, man.”

All the while, Megan is belting. Full chest voice.

Check ’em all out. Please.

(photos via Asylum)

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