Bar Snacks: Taylor Lautner’s Bare Chest, Brokeback Mountain’s Shirts, Teen Choice’s Favorite Gay

The 9 Stupidest Products Of All Time I might try the HairLites out, though . . . on my sister!

sandra-bernhardSandra Bernhard on the biggest threat to the gay population:“I don’t think there’s one threat to the gay community. I think it’s more of just a general philosophy going back once again to the sort of white male Republican hypocritical trip that has been going on in this country for so many years.

Paris Pool Denies Muslim Woman For Wearing Burqini It wasn’t sexy enough.

File this under “Who Doesn’t!” Betty White: I Have A Thing For Naughty Men In Cages

Stephen Fry sets Twitter on fire with photograph of his “big cock”

brokeback_mountain_shirts“Brokeback Mountain” on display. The Autry National Center has installed the two intertwined shirts worn by Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger in the 2005 film Brokeback Mountain in its Imagination Gallery.

“Newlywed Game” Wants LGBT Newlyweds Yup, Carnie Wilson’s new gig wants the newlywed LGBT couples. I think this is really sweet.

Teen Choice honors best homosexual? Yup! And Michael Urie was nominated! Seriously.

180+ Gay and Lesbian Short Films You Can Watch Online

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