Bar Snacks: The Kids In The Hall Return, Adam Lambert Coming On The View, Taylor Lautner Launching

The “Kids In The Hall” are coming back. Here’s a teaser.

NYT’s One In 8 Million profiles Josh Couette, son of gay “Tarnation” filmmaker Jonathan Couette.

Lady Gaga announces her Grammy nominations.

Trina (featuring Lady Gaga) – “Let Them Hoes Fight.” Listen to a clip.

Washington DC’s gay bookstore, Lambda Rising, is closing after 35 years. The Rehoboth Beach location is also closing.

Polar bear ice sculpture melts, makes you feel guilty.

nadal-davis-cupRafael Nadal dries off after joining his team in keeping the Davis Cup back in Spain.

Taylor Lautner in the new Men’s Health. And as the new Max Steel.

5 fabulous new features Google unveiled today.

image: Matthias Clamer/FOX

image: Matthias Clamer/FOX

Mark Salling, 27, who plays resident bad boy and high school jock Puck on “Glee” is over the mohawk.

This Thursday, Adam Lambert will be taped, not live, for ‘The View’ because ‘people seem to be afraid,’ says Barbara Walters

LA Gay Center, GLAAD Protest Buju Banton Grammy Nod

Sacha Baron Cohen Sued Over “Terrorist” in ‘Bruno’. Man, that gut gets sued a lot.

Bollywood to get its first gay kiss.

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