Bar Snacks: Some of the Best Of The Best 2009 Lists

Politico’s Best Of 2009.

For today’s Bar Snacks I decided to link to some of the “Best Of” lists going around. It’s not all that gay, but the lists are kinda cool. Check ’em out.

Slate readers sound off on the year’s worst commercials.

New Scientist Top 10 space stories of 2009

Top Ten Anti-Gay Hypocrites of the Decade

Best Men’s Tennis Matches of 2009 and Best Women’s Tennis Matches of 2009

The 23 Shows That Changed TV the past decade

The Top 10 Cryptozoology Stories of 2009

Top 10 Viral Videos

“Turn of the Decade: Looking Back, Looking Ahead”

Top 5 Triumphs for LGBT Rights Worldwide

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