Bar Snacks: Simon Picks Adam, Chris Pines’ Daddy, Aretha’s Hat Returns!

As a summer warmup, here is “Your Love” by Max Vangeli with vocalist Simone Denny, who is best known for the song “All Things Keep Getting Better” (the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy song).

phillipmorrisRemember that movie that featured Jim Carrey in some hardcore gay sex scenes? Yeah, “I Love You Phillip Morris has finally been picked up by new distributor for Valentine’s Day 2010 release.

David Geffen sets sights on NY Times David Geffen, the former record executive who made an offer for the Los Angeles Times two years ago, now wants to buy the New York Times.

NPR hyperedited its reviewers review of “Outrage” and eliminated mention of the American political figures depicted in the movie. Critic Nathan Lee subsequently removed his byline from the article in protest.

petshop1Andrew Sullivan interviews Pet Shop Boys for the June/July issue of Out.

Simon Cowell tells Oprah that Adam Lambert will win American Idol. “He’s got swagger.”

“Desperate Housewives” Spinoff Featuring Lily Tomlin and Kathryn Joosten? I hate Desperate Housewives, but I’d watch this.

arethashatasornamentRemember Aretha’s hat? Well, it’s going to be a Christmas ornament! I love the world.

My Star Trek boyfriend Chris Pine is the son of that guy from CHiPs! Any others at home like them?

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