Bar Snacks: Robin Thicke’s Sex Therapy, Hillary Clinton Loves Mad Men, People Kisses Matt Bomer

Robin Thicke’s sexy new “Sex Therapy”.

Vogue’s terrific new interview with Hillary Clinton. And guess what? She loves “Mad Men!”

“House of Numbers,” a film about HIV and what causes AIDS has been attacked for being misleading and even dangerous.

matt-bomerOut or not, Matt Bomer has been named“Sexiest Rising Star”

The Washington Blade’s ex-editor talks with NPR

Join the Facebook group “Expose religious right’s history of anti-gay junk science”

Liberty and Justice For All? Hardly.

How gay is mixed martial arts? Very. And perfectly.

allan-hyde-gwipAllan Hyde, “True Blood’s” Godric, is a total GWiP. (site NSFW)

When the hell is a male tennis player going to come out?

Naked photographer Spencer Tunick is inviting both the gay and straight communities to come together and be part of the same work at Sydney’s Mardi Gras: “I want someone who is straight to lie peacefully naked next to someone who is gay. I think the act, not only making the work, but the act itself is a calming of the senses.”

Michael Musto interviews Levi Johnston

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