Bar Snacks: “New Moon” In A Minute, Grammys, Amelie Mauresmo, Nazi Twins, Getting Levi’s Johnson

New Moon in a minute. All you need to know. As quickly as possible. (h/t OMG)

Sweden to end ban on gay blood donors. The U.S. is getting lapped left and right on LGBT issues.

National Geographic: Did Brazilian Town With Huge Number Of Twins Result From Nazi Science Experiments? (VIDEO) Yes, it’s very creepy.

Man finishes “World of Warcraft”. To reach the milestone the Taiwanese power-player killed 390,895 creatures, accumulated 7,255,538,878 points of damage, completed 5,906 quests (that’s 14.62 quests per day, apparently), raided 405 dungeons and hugged 11 players.

tom-fordTom Ford: Design Director

Brett Corrigan starring in gay porn, “Getting Levi’s Johnson.”

Here’s what to expect on Oprah’s OWN cable network

lady-gaga-elleFull list of 2010 Grammy nominees. Led by Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga, of course.

Speaking of, Lady Gaga graces the cover of the January issue of Elle. In it she says, On a recurring theme in her work: “I feel that if I can show my demise artistically to the public, I can somehow cure my own legend.”

A tearful Amelie Mauresmo calls it a career

It looks like Daniel Radcliffe WILL get nekkid in the next Harry Potter.

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