Bar Snacks: Margaret Cho’s Hot For Rachel Maddow, Big Shoe Diaries, Richback Mountain

Margaret Cho was on Joy Behar last night, and they chatted about her new DVD “Beautiful,” being a one woman rainbow coalition, being attracted to Rachel Maddow, Adam Lambert being our “queer” Elvis, and how gays are treated as subhuman citizens.

Avatar gets rave review from Variety. And its alien language is explained.

remote-butt-xrayX-ray reveals TV remote control stuck up man’s butt. Don’t try this at home. Or anywhere.

Taylor Lautner the New Face of Giorgio Armani?

After Elton’s Best. Week. Ever.

Recording Academy blows GLAAD off, calls Buju Banton’s gay-murder lyrics his “cultural perspective.”

colby-kellerPorn star Colby Keller Big Shoe Diaries. Mmhmm.

Top 10 TV ads of 2009

Artificial intelligence reborn at MIT

brokeback_mountain_shirtsTim Daly’s son SamAd is the new Office gay

CNN on coming out late in life

Brokeback Mountain top-grossing gay movie of the past decade

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