Bar Snacks: James Franco Gay Again, Toothy Tile, Grey Gardens

James Franco going gay again in an alternate ending to “Pineapple Express”

Did Madonna’s thugs beat up gay pop star?

The Australian Open starts Monday!

dave_annableTop 10 Not So Glamorous Hotties of 2008. Here’s a quick rewind because Patricia over at Not So Glamorous is the quintessential gay-boy-in-a-girl’s-body kind of gal. And she loves here some cute boys.

After Elton’s Best Gay Week Ever: “It’s the Armageddon edition, with seven queer signs of the apocalypse, a chat with “End of the World” singer Matt Alber, and more!”

The United States of Tara Review: Like Juno, Diablo Cody’s little indie movie that could, the writer’s latest yarn, The United States of Tara, which premieres Sunday evening on Showtime, subverts our expectations: in Juno’s case, Cody spun the teen pregnancy trope from soapy and melodramatic to spunky and fresh; in Tara’s, the stripper turned blogger turned screenwriter transcends the “Mom with dissociative identity disorder” concept, one that sounds at the same time quirky and soulless, to develop a tender and thoughtful analysis of miscommunication in nuclear families.

blindviceBlind Vice: “So here we go: Like the good little showman he is, Toothy Tile went to the Golden Globes this past weekend. And where was a camera when you needed one ’cause boyfriend ran into Lloyd Boy-Toyed, one of our other closeted Hollywood actors, just not as famous. Jeez, wanna hear what happened?”

Boy George sentenced to 15 months in jail for letting role-play get a little too real. And drugged. Lesson? Don’t tie your Manhunt boys to the radiator. For extended periods of time. Without his permission.

Grey Gardens Movie — FIRST LOOK: “Check out this new movie still from Grey Gardens featuring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange, who play ”Little Edie” and ”Big Edie” Bouvier Beale, relatives of Jackie Kennedy and the subjects of a cult 1976 documentary.”

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