Bar Snacks: George Michael Is A Boy, Adam Lambert Is A New Gay Too, Top Chef Masters!

Funny stuff. Gotta love the self-awareness as Beyonce and George Michael both wonder what it’s like to be a boy.

The Hangover resorts to unfunny and offensive gay slurs

Firefox introduces add-on collections I use Firefox add-ons all day every day over here, so anything to help organize them is greatly appreciated.

A broken-nosed Brett Michaels not amused by lack of sympathy from NPH, The Tonys, the rest of the world.

adamlambertrollingstonecoverAdam Lambert on making his sexuality public: “There are so many old-fashioned ways of looking at things, and if we want to be a progressive society, we have to start thinking in a different way. There’s the old industry idea that you should just make sexuality a non-issue, just say your private life’s your private life, and not talk about it. But that’s bullshit . . . .

LGBT community more active with social media. Not a lot of surprise here . . . it’s safer!

English language gets its millionth word

Top Chef Masters premieres tonight!

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