American Family Association: Gays Are Just Like Drug Addicts, Only Worse

Last week, Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association — that neverending tar pit of anti-LGBT bigotry — wrote in his blog post that the government should impose the same sanctions on gay people as we do on those who engage in drug addicts and force us all into therapy.

But, after thinking about it, Fischer was afraid that his post was misunderstood, that he didn’t quite make the point he wanted to male, so he wrote another post, a clarifying one, Why Homosexual Behavior Should Be Against the Law:

I nowhere in my blog said we should lock homosexuals up in prison. What I said is that our public policy toward homosexual conduct should be the same as our public policy toward intravenous drug abuse.

My position is that homosexual behavior represents a severe threat to public health, and is even more dangerous to human health than intravenous drug abuse. Because of the health risks involved, curtailing homosexual behavior should be as much a public policy concern as curtailing intravenous drug abuse.

. . . It is obvious, then, from the information gained from the FDA and the CDC that homosexual behavior represents and enormous threat to public health. Quite simply, if intravenous drug use is against the law, homosexual behavior should be too. It’s a simple matter of common sense, sound public policy, and a concern for public health.

Now once we have agreed that we have a serious health problem on our hands here, the best public policy will contain the same kind of sanctions toward homosexual behavior that we have established toward intravenous drug abuse. Whatever we think we should do to curtail injection drug use are the same sorts of things we should pursue to curtail homosexual conduct. And that’s the place for the discussion to begin.

Oh, is that what Fischer meant? I thought he meant he wanted to the government to punish gay people for being gay.

(h/t Right Wing Watch)

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2 Responses to “American Family Association: Gays Are Just Like Drug Addicts, Only Worse”

  1. Jimmy Fury
    February 4, 2010 at 7:14 pm #

    Oh god now I can’t stop wondering what the gay-sex equivalent of methadone could possibly be…

    hmmm tax funded distribution of Fleshjacks and dildos maybe?

    He might be on to something here…

  2. taylor green
    February 17, 2010 at 10:59 pm #

    dont let it get to you. hes a right wing bigot and a senile old man. hes a pat robertson wanna be. fuck em all

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