A “Growling, Feral” Rafael Nadal Featured In NYT Magazine

As Wimbledon and the first anniversary of the best tennis match ever played (which Jon Wertheim has gorgeously written about) approaches, the New York Times Magazine has written an epic, and I mean epic, piece on Rafael Nadal.

There are a lot of great moments in the article, but this sums up why tennis is so awesome:

. . . the idea that watching two men spend that many hours hitting a ball could actually make your heart pound so hard that you have to keep jumping up and yelling and grabbing your own head. But let me just suggest that if there were ever a time to understand why people invoke Shakespearean tragedy and ancient gladiators and so on when they carry on about competitive tennis, now is that time.>

And of course this: When a woman was asked why she was such a fan, she said, “Um, his tenacity. His energy. His. . . . His hotness. Just get to it.”

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