A Good Stiff One – Kane O’Farrell, Irish And Inked

Okay, so, apparently Kane O’Farrell is a retired porn star, but since he’s just outside of my usual tastes. But when I saw these pics, first I thought, “Wow, this is what East Village Boys grow up to be.” Then I thought, “I really need to do another ‘Opposite of Hot‘ [NSFW] post because, well . . . . ”

But I pulled out the best pics, and I think what have is best described by Outrate’s Mark Adnum, “Gay porn star Kane O’Farrell’s swarthy Irishness (note his bricklayer’s physique, freckles and swim-trunk tan line) are offset by his gutsy inks and a cool neon-green light box in this new set of shots by photographer Pierre-Yves Monnerville.”

And since O’Farrell is/was porn star, he doesn’t mind getting NSFW. Check out the gallery.

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